APRIL GREEN TIPS – Green Resolution Challenge


Green Your Kitchen

“Green Tips” are simple steps you can take today to green your clothing, your home, your transportation and more! We encourage you to choose one step to get started and return for additional tips over time. If you’re up for a green makeover choose a specific category from the list of Monthly Green Tips and get started!

Avoid excessively packaged foods. Buy bulk foods or products packaged in recyclable materials or reusable containers.

Pack garbage-less lunches in reusable containers instead of plastic and paper.

Compost! Instead of throwing your apple cores, egg shells, and other organic waste into a landfill, compost them. If you don’t have a yard, consider using an indoor worm bin.

Eat a local diet. Grow your own food and support local farmers, natural food stores, and food co-ops. You’ll save money, eat quality foods, create local jobs, and increase farmlands. You’ll also reduce transportation costs from shipping food.

Buy certified organic food. Organic farmers don’t use toxic pesticides or fertilizers.

Buy Fair Trade Certified™ products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, and more. When you buy products carrying the Fair Trade Certified Ô label, you are helping to empower producers in developing communities and ensuring they receive a fair price for their labor.

Start a dinner co-op with friends or neighbors. By taking turns preparing meals for several families at once, you can easily buy ingredients in bulk, eliminate waste, maximize your free time, and build community.





Information found at http://www.GreenAmerica.org

photo from http://www.thisoldhouse.com

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