* HAPPY NEW YEAR * Have you made any resolutions?

2015 gold road

REMINDER to be GREEN in 2015.

Try taking one small green step each month.  Check out the list of monthly green ideas on our Trash Talk Tuesday page and see what you may be able to accomplish.


A New Year: Make Green Resolutions.

“Green Tips ” are simple tips you can use today to green your clothing, your home, your transportation and more! We encourage you to choose one step to get started and return for additional steps over time. If you’re up for a green makeover choose a specific category from the list of Monthly Green Tips and get started!

Tread lightly on the Earth. Identify a way you can reduce waste or pollution in your life (recycle more, drive less, conserve more energy), and track your progress.

Rediscover your city or town one neighborhood at a time. Find a restaurant, historical site, or street fair to visit in every corner of your area.

Save more money. Make a plan to save a little more each month and start or increase contributions to a retirement plan. Search the following National Green Pages™ categories for socially responsible banking and investing options:

Encourage your friends and family to watch less television. Play games together, organize a book club, host neighborhood dinners, or take long walks instead.





Information found at http://www.GreenAmerica.org

photo from http://www.forbes.com